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Events of the 13th of Hematite.
The goblins launched their assault. There must have been forty of them, half the number of citizens of Nist Akath, but all armed and armoured.
The largest force came from the south. Two groups of goblin swordsmen, led by two crossbowmen.

The Hammergoblins, led by a fearsome looking Speargoblin, fell upon the traps to the north. The walls were sprayed with blood, and limbs were sundered from bodies.
The Spearmaster Goblin was captured within a cage trap, and the gates were let down to allow Adalore's squad access to the survivors, who fled before him, but not fast enough.
The Hammermaster leapt down upon the frightened goblins, smashing mighty holes in their torsos, breaking necks and crushing organs. The goblins rushed him, but he swatted them like gnats so quickly they could barely counterstrike.
One goblin leapt at the champion, knocking him to the ground, but Adalore smashed the goblin in the face, and rolled to his feet.
He swung his mighty hammer twice more, shattering the flesh of the two remaining goblins.

"FEAR MY HAMMER, PUNY GOBLINS!" he shouted, and pointed his hammer towards an approaching squad of goblin macemen. He noted a single remaining hammergoblin fleeing screaming past them. The squad of goblins looked a little put off by this, and also by the large, fearsome dwarf pointing a hammer at them.
Partly this was because he was clearly unafraid, partly this was because he was covered in blood. Mostly this was because he was standing on a pile of goblin corpses as he did it.

Meanwhile to the south, Captain Ironblood was fighting, on his own, against two entire goblin squads. Thus far one goblin had reached him, and was now in two large separate pieces at his feet.
More were coming at him, and although he wondered where Viktoria and Bomrek were, he wasn't really bothered. In fact, his mind seemed remarkably clear, almost as though he were in a trance.
He dodged bolts effortlessly as they flew towards him, and hacked a goblin to bits as he did so.

The goblin crossbowman who had been shooting at him suddenly noticed how unfortunately close the Captain actually was.

The goblin, known to his men as Sergeant Snarlingjackal, turned to run, throwing one of his men in front of the dwarf.
The Captain slashed the goblin in two, and destroyed a Skelk who had been approaching in the same blow.
He rolled beneath some goblins, and cut off one of their legs.
He was forced to confront the other Skelks of the pack while the goblins attempted to flee.

It was then that Bomrek and Viktoria's squad of Kast, Moogel and Darktongue arrived at the scene of carnage.
"Need a hand?" asked Bomrek, coming to his side.
"I already have a few extras!" said the Captain, pointing at all the severed limbs, and grinning.
"That's disgusting!" said Bomrek, "Lets get a few more!"

The dwarves charged the goblins, who, while running for their lives, were not anywhere near fast enough. The dwarves leapt at them, slaughtering over half a dozen more before the rest of them managed to escape.
Then they turned their attention to the north, and wondered if Adalore would need some help with the macedwarves.

He didn't. While most had escaped, he had claimed significant numbers of them. The land was coated in goblin corpses, but not a single dwarf had fallen.

Atop the Hammertower stood the Acolyte, watching the bloodshed.
She had hoped that the strength of the dwarves would be sapped by the siege, but it appeared that the envoy of her God had been right. The goblins were a broken threat, and little would be gained of those still living.
But that wasn't a problem for the Acolyte. She knew how to make do with the dead.

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