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Captain's Log. 18th of Sandstone.
That jerk Vabok has just kept hanging around. I don't know why. He didn't leave with the traders though. Now he's in the party hall.
This party hall appears to be very much related to sudden spates of doom.

In other news, our furnace operator, Frank, went berko today. No reason, no indication why. It must be the curse on this place.
One of our axedwarves tried to put him out of his misery, dragging himself, as he was, along the ground, foaming at the mouth, and gnashing his teeth in rage.
Admittedly he did hit Frank a couple of times, but somehow Frank managed to break our soldier's left arm.

Our other Axedwarf stepped in to finish the job. He cut bits off Frank at a time.
I'm going to need to have a word with that Axedwarf. A quick kill is a clean kill. You don't lop off bits at random from the infirm and insane. Even if they are trying to kill you.

Captain's Log. 1st of Timber.
The Party's over for Vabok. He finally cracked, just like anyone else who spends too long in the party room.
He's now moping around, doing Armok knows what. As far as I can tell he's just going to stay there, in the party room. Forever.
Given our relationship thus far, I can genuinely say the party has just begun for me.

Migrants also arrived today.
1 Animal Caretaker. Because we have a lot of those. Sadly most are frozen corpses, but we have them.
1 Tanner. Thank goodness, all those skins from all those animals were really beginning to pile up.
1 Herbalist. Surely this will come in handy, what with being surrounded by vegetation aplenty.
1 Fish Dissector. Once again, I must reiterate. There is nothing alive out there. Undead fish do not count. I know there's a brook out there somewhere, but nobody has seen it.
1 Glassmaker. Yes. We can afford to make glass. What sort of brochure are they looking at?
1 Bowyer. Well, we can maybe use him.
4 Useless layabout peasants.

1 Cow calf.
1 Donkey.

Buggered if I know where they'll all be sleeping. Not like we have enough beds or anything.

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