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Even Further Events of the 9th of Hematite
Loruca took no time to counter-charge the tiny dwarf.
The dwarf was deceptively fast, however, and simply dodged his attack, striking him in the hand.
Fortunately, Loruca was thick skinned these days, and more would be required to put him down than that.
He lunged at the dwarf again and again, only to find the dwarf not there every time.
Confused, he swiped angrily at the dwarf, only to find him absent from view, and, more distressingly, an extremely painful feeling in his lower back.

Ironblood stood behind the Titan, looking at the gaping wound he had dealt the Titan. It gushed with blood and he could see the spine and all sorts of organs.
"Disgusting." he muttered.
"ARRGH!" screamed Loruca in rage, and lunged at Ironblood time and again. Ironblood merely repeated his strategy of not being wherever was getting hit.

It was around this time that Bullion showed up with the beginnings of his squad.
"Here to help, sir!" he shouted.
"Lets finish this guy off then attend to the goblins." Ironblood shouted back.
Loruca snarled angrily.
"You better try harder then." replied Ironblood, grinning. The damn fool of a creature wasn't even noticing the blood gushing from his body. Better still, it was losing its combat focus.

"YOU'RE NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH!" he shouted again, striking Loruca in the back, cutting into his upper spine. Loruca gasped for breath, and felt as if he were drowning.

"This is boring!" muttered Bullion, and stuck his scimitar into Loruca's right thigh, eliciting a fury driven response from the Titan which he had to roll and block using his shield.
"Or maybe not..." he grinned.
His squadmember Etur disagreed, smashing the Titan in the chest with the flail, winding him badly.
"No," she said, "you were right the first time."

Loruca stumbled, his mind foggy. All he knew right now was that he was slowly being stabbed, bruised, and winded again and again.
The scimitar-wielding dwarf had slashed into his belly, while the flail-wielding dwarf continually knocked the breath from him, while that damnable axe-wielding dwarf plagued his every movement.
That very dwarf was, at this moment, lunging at the back of his head and pulling him to the ground.

Ironblood released his grip on Loruca's skull and regained his grip on his axe. Bullion managed to get a single good hit in before Loruca rolled aside to try to get up again.

"No you don't!" shouted Ironblood, burying his axe in the Titan's hand.
"MY HAND!" screamed Loruca, standing up anyway. Ironblood held on to the axe lodged in the Titan's flesh, and gazed menacingly into the Titan's eyes.
"You have my axe." he said.
"GET OFF!" he shrieked, stumbling back to the ground.
Ironblood merely twisted the axe around, scraping bone and rending flesh and nerves.
"STOP!" Loruca screamed, shaking his hand such that Ironblood lost his grip on the axe.

Nok strode into the battle as she saw an opening, plunging her spear into the giant's upper torso, piercing his vital respiratory and circulatory organs.
Even titans need lungs and a heart, and Loruca looked at his chest sadly, and then at his hand.
Other dwarves were striding in, now, sticking their weapons into him, twisting. He stumbled forward, crawling, trying instinctively to escape. Blood gushed from every wound, and there was still that dwarf whose axe was stuck in his hand. That dwarf wandered off to the side a bit, waiting to get his axe back, no doubt.

He slumped, finally, into the snow, a bloody opening round in the battles that would be fought today.

Ironblood looked at the corpse and sighed. It would take a bit to work the axe free. He may as well go get a spare rather than wait.
Bomrek emerged from the depot and ran towards him.
"I got help!" she said.
"So I found!" he grinned back, giving her a hug.
"What's next?" she asked.
"The lads are going out to confront the goblins, I'm getting an axe, and hopefully we're all back in time for dinner."
"Sounds good." she smiled back.

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