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Events on the 25th of Sandstone.

Kodor burst into his brother's office, beaming. "Brother! Something remarkable has happened!"

"Another kid?" Olon guessed irritably. He'd been in the middle of a crumpet when his brother had burst in and perturbed it.

"No... honestly, we've just had one and that was remarkable enough. I'm speaking of my newly elevated status."

Olon gauged his brother. "You look the same height to me."

"No, not like that. I'm a Count now. Queen Urvad's mandate came through this morning. I've been elevated in rank."

Olon looked as though he could care less, but nevertheless engaged in an exercise in futility to try and hide this fact. "Ah, well done! Does this bring anything else with it? Maybe a post in another, nicer fortress?"

Kodor smiled broadly. "Hah, nicer fortress! Good one! I do have something I need, though. I now have a greater set of requirements. Our quarters simply won't do! I need more storage and Melica needs more... just more in general I think if I got the gist of what she said absolutely correct. Please make sure it happens quickly."

"I'll set an order for it. I guess we've got some furniture laying around somewhere. High quality, like everything else around here. Can't promise it will be soon, though, what with the current cleanup occurring in the depths."

Kodor's smile faded. "Olon, are you still mucking about with that tomb of yours? Gods, man, that thing has claimed lives!"

"All the more reason to finish it as a testament to their commitment."

"Commitment to what exactly?"

"Well... me I guess. Also, workmanship!"

Kodor gazed at him bemusdedly for a moment. "Right. Just make sure I get my new stuff."

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