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Captain's Log. 13th of Hematite.
We drove away their armies, and now they return in stealth, to steal our children away from us!

Young Sibrek Boltamazed was the victim this time.
Luckily, with our home now crawling with military dwarves, the goblin did not get far, before being Sula, Pollux, and one of the guardsdwarves.
Lacking weapons at the time, they beat the everloving tar out of the goblin, before it finally succumbed.

Sibrek was saved, and everybody was uninjured. Except the goblin.

Unfortunately, we had barely dealt with that goblin, before another one had tried to snatch Goden Beanletters.

Kinneus fell upon him with great fury, although he himself lacked a weapon.
He soon garnered assistance from a guardsdwarf, and they too, were victorious without injury.

Kinneus soon found yet another one, skulking in the shadows. He set upon it with assistance from Adalore, smashing it to a bloody pulp.

BurnedToast, however, informed me we had three more intruders.
They'd all been captured by our traps, however.

It appears we have three goblins at our mercy.

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