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Captain's Log. 28th of Opal.
BurnedToast and Xotes ran into my office.
"TITAN!" screamed Xotes, "IT'S A TITAN! DON'T LET IT EAT MY BABY!"
At that I demanded BurnedToast to slap her. She was clearly hysterical.
She doesn't have a baby!

But the more pressing matter at hand was, of course, the Titan, come to visit us.

Of course, he may just want to be friends. It's always possible.

I went to the gate to spy out this visitor.
I have to admit, I couldn't control myself. I laughed so hard I nearly burst.
He was naked.

[Image missing]

Totally naked.

I turned to my citizens.
"THAT?" I asked them "is what terrifies you so!?"
I had hoped my jeering would bring them to their senses, but it seemed not. They just wrung their hands and nodded.
I shouted that he was naked. That he would probably freeze to death if we just sat back and did nothing.
Seeing their doubtful faces I gave in.
I decided that I would either slay the thing, or drive it off.

"I shall dismember it's member!" I cried. I was particularly proud of that line.
But nobody got it.

It was then we noticed it moving towards us. I ordered everyone back inside. Their safety was at stake.

The monster and I regarded each other. It had size, and I had something else.
An axe. Also I was, at that time, possibly the most putrid specimen of a dwarf ever to be seen.

We charged at each other, screaming bloody murder.

In the end, only I remained. Sitting atop a very large corpse.
I got a little more blood on me I think, though really at this point it's become difficult to tell.

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