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Captain's Log. First entry.

I lost my last logbook, somewhere in the exploratory shafts. It appears I must start anew.
My prospecting company, The Great Picks, finally set off today. Our prospecting went middling well this winter. I doubt the penpushers will be pleased, but stuff them. Undoubtedly I'll be punished in some way for failing to find riches where there were none.

We still retain much in the way of our supplies. Undoubtedly we'll use them when we set out again, for some other godsforsaken part of the world.

Captain's Log. First of Spring
We crossed the glacier, the Wretched Winter of Jackals, heading east towards home. We figured it a shortcut. We never expected our wagon to break down in the middle, stranding us.

There's no possibility of walking out, its too far, and too cold. We have only our mining equipment. Hopefully we can put something together to survive.
With luck, we won't be stuck here until winter. It's spring now, and still deathly cold. Come winter... I don't even want to think about that.

In this way, I name this place Nist Akath, Fear the Winter!

The map is not encouraging for our survival either.

Luckily, I have a group of good, handpicked dwarves, to assist me.

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